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The days of face-to-face meetings and conferences are gone. But we are here to help you. Since the pandemic changed the status-quo in the IP world, many firms have not been focusing on efficiency and conversion rates enough, because Business Development was always through old contacts or in-bound leads.

Today's Process...

Many firms still rely exclusively on attending to conferences, making phone calls and reaching out to their closed network to acquire new clients. Successfully proven processes are rarely put into place in business development, and the support of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools are not being used. This process is unstable, unorganized and volatile.

...Process with IP Services!

With the help of IP services, the process is focused on time measurement and conversion. We will show you the right process to implement in order to control your return of investment, grow your clients' base; how to go from leads to sales.

We will show you the right tools to use and how to convert leads into growth. 

With straight forward pre-defined processes our goal is to ensure your success.

All services are open for discussion, and your benefits are tailor-made for you.



Set up, run, and hire your business development team.


Process design, showing you what tools to use.


Analysis of the current situation and gap definition. 


Detailed analysis, and guide of how to get started.

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